Oneohtrix Point Never (Returnals)

Okay, so here's a nice little Oneohtrix Point Never track that Pitchfork were kind enough to recently post, so please have a listen here. Very nice.

Andreas Brandal

Andreas Brandal is a Norwegian musician with a penchant for drone-y noise. He's been making music since 1994 and has a large back catalogue (which you can see here). He's made music with/under various other guises, including the superbly named Flesh Coffin and Hour of the Wolf. To have a listen to one of his tracks, click this link. The track is called 'A Flashlight through the Woods' and is off his record 'Secrets of the Snow'. This is one of those tracks that is only really done justice through a decent set of speakers/headphones as the sonic complexity of the drones is difficult (impossible) to pick up through some tinny laptop speakers. Enjoy.

City Center

City Center released an epony ous debut in 2009, and it was a mixed bag of a record. When in full swing it really is stunning, referencing the glorious freak folk of Animal Collective circa Sung Tongs and occassionally nodding towards the more ambient/sample heavy leanings of Growing. Open/House is a high-point of the album. Listen here.
The frustrating aspects of the album mostly come when the influences are worn a little too much on the metaphorical sleeve, see: Bleed Blood which could easily be a Panda Bear demo.
Caveat notwithstanding it's a lovely little example of lo-fi experimental pop. Explore.

Black to Comm

Recently I have been listening to Black to Comm's release Alphabet 1968 a lot. It's a wonderful little record with some unforgettable and intensely rewarding tracks. In particular Musik Für Alle which you can listen to here. The actual album is a mix of chimey-acoustic guitars and electronic drones which sound at times like a rodent biting away at a speaker cable. Or something of that ilk. Anyway, Black to Comm is essentially a one man project, that man being Marc Richter and I thoroughly recommend you explore some if his other works. Clicking here might be a good place to start.