Recommended Records #1

Recently I've been listening to a lot of the Oneohtrix Point Never 2009 release 'Rifts'. It's basically a collection of three of his previous records that have been released as one and with it clocking in at around 3.5 hours it's probably not surprising that I've not actually managed to listen to it all in one sitting. However, it is one of those records you can just dip into here and there. I think I read somewhere that this album was made entirely out of synths but the beginning of standout track 'Format & Journey North' clearly samples some water pouring and sort of jungle noises. Said track is a delicious mix of airy synths reminding me a little of a western film or something with arpeggios working as the foundation for five minutes or so until a warm wash of fuzz drones the track out to the end. Honestly one of the best pieces of music I've heard for a long time. Special.

Still looking back to 2009 - I recently picked up a copy of Pyramids with Nadja. I was a huge fan of Pyramids' eponymous debut in 2008 so I'm not sure why it took me so long to get round to picking this album up. Better late than never though. From start to finish this is an album that really pulls you into a strange little world - slightly haunting yet paradoxically relaxing. And, stranger still is the inclusion of actual lyrics in the second track of four 'Another War'. If you're not familiar with their first album then you will be forgiven for not knowing that there is not a decipherable word anywhere, the voice being used more as a texture within the music. [Expect to hear more from Pyramids on this blog very soon...]

A band that needs a bit more exploration from me is Hammer of Hathor. I've recently been listening to 'False Teef' a lot, which is three tracks long, the first 'Yucka Drucka' lasting around 25 minutes is a challenging listen to say the least. But, when taken with an open mind reveals some real beauty. The last track on the album is the brilliantly named 'Left foot right foot' which is presumably called so because of the plodding feel of it, full of acoustic guitar loops and occasional piano hits, really involving stuff. Listen to 'Left foot right foot' here.

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